Longhorn has a name

This is all over the place, but Microsoft announced that Longhorn will be branded "Windows Vista". *yawn* Can we be done with this idiotic name/version march and go back to meaningful release numbers?



  1. Ryan

    Did you check this out?


    Switched two years ago, myself? Why go back? Apple and Intel are going to spell the end of the Windows desktop.

  2. I hadn't seen that.. very nice. Hugh is a smart man. I don't think it'll be the end of Windows on the desktop, but it will certainly make people like me think again.

    I have nothing against Apple, but I really wish they would have ported to other hardware. OS X on a homebrew machine sounds reeeealy nice.

    Unfortunately, for now, I can't game on a Mac. Sure, that's a simple reason, but I like to game when I have the time. I can't play BF2 on OS X. At least not yet. I also can't build my own machines. Those two things keep me off Mac.

  3. Have you read about what Cringely has been saying about the Intel inside Apple? He's been on about it for a while.


  4. I can't keep up with him anymore. He's starting to sound like a well-read Dvorak; interesting reading, until you dig a little bit.

    iVideo; sure, why not. Everyone will have a download movie service in a year. Xbox Office? Not likely. Apple and Intel merging? A wet dream for Jobs. Cringely has been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid that the Mac zealots are passing out.


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