Sick of wacky religions? Convert to the one true faith, Flying Spaghetti Monster-ism

Kansas is set to approve an official science standard for their schools that includes the teaching of "Intelligent Design" and criticism of evolutional theories. (Yes, this is likely old news to you.)

I really wanted to put a huge post up, but for now let's leave this as a Damn It, Kansas moment.

Damn it, Kansas, you're screwing this up. No one wants hear your version of how science works. Faith is a personal, intimate experience; this is a self-serving, headline-grabbing, narrow-minded move. I believe in God, but that doesn't change the fact that some things are measurable and true. Faith does not give you license to ignore reality.

To all that right-leaning bloggers who are screaming for a fatwa against terrorism, try calling for the Christian leaders in this country to call for an end to the idiocy going on in Kansas. The whole world is not Christian; read the Bible and stop listening to some upwardly-mobile, hypocritical preacher.

To all the left-leaning bloggers who are making insulting parodies of Christian dogma thinking you're making a point to anyone but your personnel echo chamber, you're only hurting your argument. Insulting people only makes them less likely to listen to you; this is doubly true for the zealous (think Mac zealots).

This argument is taking attention away from other, real problems in schools throughout this country, mainly that they don't teach, they indoctrinate. Make critcial thinkers, not kids who think only to be critical. THEN you can try and screw them up.

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