This Week in Tech - Video

One of the very few podcasts I subscribe to (This Week in Tech) released one of their episodes on video. This was shot live in the San Francisco Apple store. BitTorrent download.



  1. This is my favorite Podcast! I miss TechTV! How long before Google starts indexing Podcasts?

  2. That is a great group of people; knowledgeable, accessible, and funny.

    They (well, Leo, Kevin, and Patrick) are coming back to *spit*G4*spit* in the 8am timeslot. If I had a Tivo I'd set it. Of course, putting that show up on IPTV would be awesome. They could do for IPTV what they did for podcasting.

    Google indexing podcasts.. I imagine they'll start doing that right after they have a Google Video-style podcasting area.


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