Web 2.0 Meets Beer

I'm not big on this AJAX-y, Web 2.0, pre-bubble 2.0 crap, but I have to admit, Coastr is a pretty clever twist. Think social bookmarking (ala Flickr) crossed with Beer Advocate, plus a better web-designer. While Coastr isn't likely to replace BA or RateBeer anytime soon, it's a nifty little experiment. I've tossed a few of my favorites up there already.. wonder where it will go.

[via Real Tech News]

Update: I've been linked as an example of a "low signal-to-noise ratio with Web 2.0's colloquial usage". Oops. Just to clarify, on this blog, "Web 2.0" is synonymous with "Bubble 2.0". AJAX technologies have opened the doors for some really cool innovations and development ideas. Social sites are cool because they're niche sites created by people who live in the niche. If AOL thinks they're on the cusp of "Web 2.0" innovations, that laughing you hear is the collective voice of the real innovators. You have some cool stuff going on AOL; stick with that (and stop farking with email). You can't monetize everything, and you're less likely to do it by mergers and acquisitions.

How’s my signal to noise ratio now?

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