Best Ice Cream Ever

This is a vacation post... yes, I'm blogging on vacation. We had the most amazing ice cream today and that is not hyperbole. A co-worker of mine is always looking for a franchise opportunity and I think I found it.

It is Mount Desert Island Ice Cream (slogan: Fearless Flavor); no website. They have the most spectacular ice cream you will ever taste. How good? Let's put it this way, I probably eat a pint of ice cream a year (don't like the stuff). I ate half a pint today and plan on going back. Technically, I had sorbet, but I sampled half their flavors before I settled on Blueberry-Basil Sorbet. J-- had Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (which I gratuitously sampled). Mexican Chocolate was a concoction worthy of Montezuma himself; a Mexican chocolate caramelized with brown sugar, curry, and cinnamon, all blended smooth as ice cream can come. We went back to thank them for the samples and, truthfully, tell them it was the best ice cream we've ever had.

We're going back tomorrow. I hope anyone who Googles Bar Harbor, Maine sees this post and checks out Mount Desert Island Ice Cream.

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the kind words about my shop. I was flattered that you would take the time to blog about it while on vacation!

    Incidentally, I do have a website ( It's not a great/user friendly website at the moment but it's under construction.

    Have a great New Year,
    Linda Parker
    Owner, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream


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