Remember this story in the next week

Barry Bonds is one homerun away from tying Babe Ruth for all career homers. It couldn't have happened to a bigger asshole. Bonds is the epitome of everything wrong with baseball: inflated salary, no respect for team or teammates, alleged drug use, and a dick to fans.

Case in point, HR 713. It's the perfect story for a ball player. Air Force serviceman buys $20 ticket ($20?!?!?) and catches HR 713. Air Force serviceman gets into news conference and asks Bonds if he would sign the historic ball. Bonds says nothing (to his credit, last year he would have said "no"). He does take a photo with the guy, but only if the serviceman will sign a (what? a what?).. That's right, a waiver for Bonds' reality TV show. Hmm, wonder what motivated Bonds to do the photo op?

He's going to get the record (with no star by it either) and there's nothing that can stop him. It's too bad, baseball used to have some class.

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