Word of the day: Drudgery

Man, what a boring ass day. After a morning of repetitive edits, I got a string of repetitive meetings. Then, when the afternoon finally arrives, I get another, monumental, repetitive task. All in a days work (well, two actually, since I'll be finishing the mind-numbing edits in the morning) for this little slave to higher education.

I'd log on to WoW, but I'm afraid I'll just wind up farming $MINERAL. Less than 3 days until I climb into the Jeep, J-- at my side, and head for the East coast. Oh, did I mention that the main road into the area we're staying passes over a river that's currently 8 ft (that's 2.4 meters) over flood stage?

Ok, upbeat frame of mind (note, I will try to avoid using "positive" as anything other than a math operator from here on out): my current ToDo list consists of:
  • Reassemble cousin's computer

  • Pray parts aren't FUBAR'd again

  • Complete a butt-load of mind-numbing work for work

  • Prep the Jeep

  • Load the Jeep

  • Pack

  • Unpack

  • Repack

  • Tire of packing

  • Complain about money

  • Curse iPod (can't find accessories for a damn 3G iPod. WTF?!?)

  • Burn CDs

  • Avoid capital expenditures above $40 until shellfish is on the menu

  • Complete any tasks assigned to me on J--'s list(s)

  • Stop using parenthetical pluralisation on words

  • Come to grips with realization that cabin (to be home for over a week) has no Internet access

  • Google WiFi hotspots at destination and strategic locations on the way

  • Suppress Canadian jokes (love you guys!) as we'll be traveling through it

  • Find passport

  • Enjoy vacation

All in all, not a bad list. Of course, I haven't seen J--'s list.

This post brought to you by Ménage à Trois Red; I'm aware it may be the new White Zin.

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