Ann Coulter - The Worst You Can Imagine

This is an open question to any of any conservative: How can anyone support someone who says about the widows of people killed on 9/11 "these women got paid, they ought to take their money and shut up about it."

Right. The widows have profited from the deaths of their husbands. I'm sure that whatever money they received more than compensated for losing their husbands. Ann Coulter does one thing well: she hates very, very well. The marketing obviously works because I'm giving her press. But the inconceivable idiocy of this woman has reached a level that makes one's head spin. If you call yourself a Christian, a Conservative, or a Republican and support this tripe, you are just as she is: the worst this society can produce.

Tune in next when Coulter calls for Arabs to wear a patch sown to their clothing. If anyone should shut up, I think we know who that should be.
For a nice breakdown about why Ann is a flaming idiot, read this Crooks and Liars article about Keith Olbermann's breakdown of the evil this woman has unleashed.


  1. You should see this spoof on Ann at

  2. Not very.. uh.. subtle, but it does get the point across. Thanks for the link.


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