Please No! - Nicolas Cage As Liberace

Please, don't let this be the opening salvo in a barrage of B-list actors trying to make it huge ala Brokeback Mountain.
Liberace? Seriously? Of all the worthy people you could make a movie that about; they could have picked Matthew Shepard, Ian McKellen, or anyone who published a gay magazine prior to 1970 come to mind. But, beyond that, who better to immortalize the flamboyant star than... Nicolas... Cage... star of National Treasure (turned it off), Matchstick Men (fell asleep), and Gone in 60 Seconds (still don't understand the premise).

Is there some aspect of Liberace's life I'm not aware of? Is he really that popular that a movie was needed?



  1. you're makin that up, aren't you?

  2. Oh, I wish I was. The site I linked to is pretty reliable.


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