They are Not OK

The message from New Orleans is clear.

This country should be ashamed.

Say a few words for some of your countrymen today. It's more than the grandstanding in the Gulf Coast will do for them. (Seems to be a pattern.)


  1. We are not ok, not even close

  2. Not everyone has forgotten and not everyone has given up. All the best to you all, especially today as you mark a grim anniversary.

  3. Thanks for spreading the word. "Hell in a handbasket" barely covers the situation down here, even when spread thinly.

  4. Thank you, Ryan. I'm learning how to use Google Reader to break up my incoming feeds using tags, and I'm only now running through the "New Orleans" category. In fact, I think I ducked everything during the anniversary, since, uh, I don't know, we need a break from Katrina, not a whole heaping bunch more Katrina.


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