Moments from someone else's childhood

I never watched Bob Ross, mostly because I never considered myself artistic as a kid. 

So, watching this fascinating clip of Bob Ross that someone posted to YouTube made me feel like I was watching clips from someone else's childhood. I was vaguely aware of Bob Ross and slightly more aware of this painting thing, but I never actually sat and watched this show.

Now, I sort of regret that. For all it's kitsch, there are so many redeeming qualities to Ross' work: it was approachable, it was simple, and it was completely for the audience. Ross never tried to make what he was doing anything more than it was. Even in this short clip, you can sense the pride in his voice as he teaches.

Compare this clip with any show on HGTV or your favorite DIY show. You don't find the simple pride in something done well there, all you get is "see how simple it is" as they hide the complex issues behind jump cuts.

Huh, I think I was just pining.

(Sorry for not posting the video directly; WordPress doesn't do embed)

YouTube: Bob Ross painting a mountain on fake wood


  1. Bob, The Mister Rogers of Art. We used to watch him when I was in Art School. We all started out making fun of him cause we were young and tragically hip, then we just liked listening to his voice. If you can, rent some of his videos and check out his fingernails, they are really really long and made Bob a little edgy.

  2. Bob Ross was the MAN! Saturday mornings on PBS. Forget the cartoons - Mom had Bob Ross on and wasn't going to change it. After our initial disappointment that we weren't going to watch the Smurfs we always settled in and oohed and ahhed over how simple he made it seem! And his hair!!! You missed out honey.

  3. Do they have Bob Ross on DVD? That just seems.. I don't know.. wrong?

  4. It is on VHS, that seems a little more reasonable..Clunky Box, outdated technology..

  5. Hmm.. I think I still have one of those... wonder if it works.


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