Situations Under Which You Automatically Lose

  • 180 pound man, 3 ton truck.
  • You begin a sentence with "In Azeroth/$MAJOR_CITY/Europe..."
  • You end a sentence with "..., trust me."
  • Invoking religion as an argument for or against anything.
  • ...or abortion...
  • ...or hunting...
  • ...or pie. (Don't ask)
  • Using "Don't ask" as an out for a meaningless joke.
  • Any web-like term comes up in casual conversation and you get a silly grin on your face.
    • "I heard IE7 supports something called Are-Ess-Ess??" *stupid grin*
  • Pointing out the disproportionate treatment of a sibling in order to gain a favorable outcome with a parent.
    • e.g. "You never did that for $SIBLING!" "Well, I'm doing it for you!"

Feel free to pile on.

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  1. .....just kidding. After delivering unwanted critical news.


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