Who the hell is running Sony?

Seriously, nothing like ending the run of a format before it even gets started. Sony announced today, after days of back and forth, that they will not allow their disc-replicating subsidiary to produce pornographic titles. At all. Sony says they won't actively try to prevent adult titles on Blu-Ray, but won't allow their subsidiary to do so. They then turn around and completely contradict that statement with this:
"As far as I understand, Sony has said to the replicators that if you replicate adult, you'll lose your license." -  Robby D, a director at popular adult film maker Digital Playground Inc.

Sounds like a pretty active prevention technique. If this scenario sounds familiar, it should.
Many believe that Sony's Betamax video tape format, while technologically superior to VHS, died because the adult movie industry was barred from using Betamax, noted Jake Richter, an analyst at Jon Peddie Research

This is a layman's definition of insanity. Nice knowing you Blu-Ray.
Sony says no to porn on Blu-ray Disc

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