This is pretty much what I expect SL to be like

From Toothpaste For Dinner blog
Everything in Second Life seems to be coated in a preteen's understanding of sex. It was very titty-booby pee-pee doo-doo. From the fantasy asses to the cyber-ruins surrounding Freebie Warehouse, there really was nothing but clumsy cybersex. I wandered through this wasteland for a while, until I finally came to a normal-looking store, with windows, and people inside, so I went in.

The store sold penises, and penis avatars. I didn't actually get to see what they looked like, because I didn't have any fake money to spend (and I wasn't really interested in chipping in twenty bucks to these cats' weird sex trip.) A pet penis, which would follow you around and "come on command" (I'm guessing you have to right-click and load a script and wait thirty seconds is what they mean by "command") was 100 fakebucks, which converted to US$0.68.

Where's my credit card?!?

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