Christian Reformed Church lifts barrier to female ministers

I am shocked. Pleased, surprised, curious, but shocked.
Delegates meeting at their annual synod voted Tuesday to remove the word "male" from the requirements for church office.

This is a huge step for one of the most conservative Dutch Reformed organizations in the world. I'm absolutely certain this will cause a split in the church, similar to the Anglican Church. Much applause to the synod for dragging the church out of the dark ages and into modern life in acknowledging equality in the ability to lead a congregation.

First alcohol in Zeeland, now female ordination in the CRC, what's next? One service a week? Less homophobia? Actual wine at communion? I'm taking bets.

Reformed Church lifts barrier to female ministers


  1. It was very interesting reading the time line that the Grand Rapids Press gave on the events preceding this. How they have slowly been doing these changes for the last decade. Working at it slowly trying to keep the church from dividing. Or at least that is what i was reading between the lines when i read it.

  2. This is great! Now if only those darned Catholics would see the light I might consider going back! Well, ok maybe not...

  3. Yes, it's taken a long time to see change, which is too bad. As the church has refused to alter it's very dated views on things like ordination of women, it has become increasingly irrelevant to the communities. Not that the communities are changing much on their own, but with growth has come more modern ways of thinking.

    I'm sure the church will split over this, but the more conservative wing that emerges will fade into a small minority. The trick will be to see if either faction survives after a split.


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