Local Election Results - Chelsea City Council and More Booze in W. Mich.

Looks like the locals are ready for some change. After leading the city into lawsuits over the water system and raising  taxes, this little 'burb got to vote yesterday. And it looks like the message is clear: it's time for a change. 2 of 3 incumbents lost their bids to first time opponents, and the incumbent that did win did so by 5 votes. Better manage that money well. Results are available at ClickOnDetroit and eWashtenaw.

Quick aside: what the hell is going on in Ward 2 of Ann Arbor? A named candidate barely beat a write-in candidate? Ouch.

And, in other news of the sane, Hudsonville finally got rid of the ban on alcohol sales in town. Looks like all the beer and liquor at the Fair will come from businesses actually in the city this coming year. (Yeah, keep pretending no one drinks in Hudsonville.) Next up, let the kids dance!

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