Congrats and Hooyah to my cousin, Matt, for making it through Ranger training. All the best and the next one's on me. Here's to an assignment with your boys in the South.

Oh, Come ON: Schembechler Day?

Good to see some old fashioned pandering going on at the State capital. Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) has proposed "Bo Schembechler Day" as  an official State day (whatever that means). It would be the same day as the first UM football home game (natch), as if that day isn't already a High Holy Day in AA already.

Bo's was a nice guy and all, but I think the hero worship angle is pretty well covered at this point. - Schembechler might get own official day in Michigan

Free the Grapes!: To Ensure Consumer Choice in Fine Wine

Personnel bookmark. Why is this country so damned uptight about alcohol?

Free the Grapes!: To Ensure Consumer Choice in Fine Wine

How to Drive Your Significant Other Crazy

In the Bad Way (driving them crazy the good way is not for this blog).

  1. Ramble on about work politics.

  2. Endlessly talk about, price out, and search for discounts on an MacBook, but then end every conversation with "...but I'm not going to buy one."

  3. Take out cilantro and set it on the counter whenever you cook dinner, but never actually but any in since you know your S.O. hates it.

  4. Go to dinner, order the most expensive beer on the menu, then wax about how much better another beer as (even though that beer cannot be purchased at this restaurant).

  5. Only put hyper-nerdy, niche sci-fi/comedy films in your movie rental queue.

  6. Stare agape when your well-read movie-aficionado S.O. hasn't seen the above movies.

  7. Order seemingly-random T-shirts on impulse, then insist that they agree about how cool they are (they're not).

  8. Eat their chocolate. This may be cause for justifiable homicide in some states.

  9. Blog lists of things that drive them crazy.

Now here's something interesting; Xobni

Desktop search too much for your email-sifting needs? Always felt that all that email meant something about the people you received it from and sent it to? It actually does.

Email, the much maligned, outdated, and dying communication medium is stil, like it or not, the prevalent way to communicate in business and, for most Internet users, home. But most email packages, from Gmail to Lotus Notes, don't tell you much more than the content of a message. Email, really, is a network. You talk to the same people a lot, exchange lots of information with them, contact them through other protocols. None of that connection is available or visible in any software package.

Well, it wasn't. Enter Xobni ("Inbox" backwards). It tries to draw those connections, to turn email into that buzziest of buzzwords for the Web: social. Essentially, it crawls your (for now) Outlook mailbox and does some basic analytics on that database of communication and people. Who's your number one contact? When do you get messages from a particular person most frequently? What have you sent a specific person? All of that is displayed in a nifty sidebar added into Outlook. It also does things you'd think Outlook should do, like pull out phone numbers for people from their signatures, thread conversations, and quickly search your accumulated emails.

I've only been playing with this for a couple hours now thanks to Lifehacker, but it looks really cool. Currently in a closed beta, but I have 5 invites if anyone's interested. Drop a comment here or an email and I'd be happy to toss an invite your way. Windows/Outlook only, though.


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