Countdown to gadget bliss

Tax season is upon us and with it, for me at least, a refund; an especially good one this year, as it turns out. So, after paying off a couple nagging bills, there will be enough left over to fund my gadget lust. After talking myself (and J--) into a MacBook, a visit to the Apple store actually backed me off that decision.

So I will instead be getting an iPod Touch. We have Verizon so jailbreaking an iPhone won't work and I swore off AT&T years ago. Hence, the wifi-enabled, widget-sporting iPod Touch is exactly what fits the bill: connectivity with ultra-portability.

Anyone got experience with these? I plan on doing minor surfing with Safari, setting up Gmail for the mail client, and, yah know, using it as an iPod. Reasonable expectations for a souped-up PDA?

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