Dawkins Raps, You Laugh

Thanks to Maitri, you get to see Richard Dawkins rap along with Sam Harris, Charles Darwin, and the rest of evolution's Horsemen.

I'm still laughing at Christopher Hitchens with a blunt and the line, "Hell, if I was dyslexic, I'd hate dog too." Enjoy.

Gaffe Du Jour

Full disclaimer; I'm not a Hillary Clinton fan. But, this video about Bosnia... what the hell was she thinking? This doesn't make sense on so many levels, I can't figure it out. I really can't believe she's that oblivious to the documentation that would have existed around a First Lady visiting a war-torn region. Why would she so mis-represent her trip when evidence to the contrary is available? Watch the video; it's like The Onion wrote this.

Sometimes It's Just Better Not to Know

What the hell is wrong with people? I was going through some stats and ran through search terms that drew people to this blog. (An aside: My apologies to anyone who came here for actual information.)

Seriously though, what are you really looking for when you search for some of these strings?

  • what is a disjointed sentence (uh oh, time to polish my writing a bit)

  • brucewillis.com (I think that's a compliment)

  • mr. mufflesworth (???)

  • childishness doing pee (my favorite, going here, I think)

Ah, the awe and mystery of the Internet.

Know Your Enemy

Slight backstory: There is a movie currently being screened for very select crowds called EXPELLED!, hosted by Ben Stein. It is, essentially, creationist propaganda about how colleges and universities are evil for promoting science and not religious dogma in their classes (here's a trailer, if you have 8 minutes to sacrifice). It has, predictably, come under intense criticism from actual scientists for what it is; creationism dressed up as victimization. Yah know, the classical view that evolution is, as they say, the view that life is simply "mud animated by lightening." The trailer even Godwin's itself.

Anyway, as I said, they are screening this movie for very select audiences to build good grass-roots support for it. This basically means they hand-pick audiences of the Faithful to view the film or go to churches and show it there. They have been very wary of allowing anyone not on The List to see the film, which should send up red flags everywhere.

Last night, PZ Meyers, a biologist, associate professor at the University of Minnesota, and vocal critic of the creationist agenda, tried to see the film with his family. According to his blog, he registered for the event (as did everyone else attending), but was thrown out of line and then the theater property altogether before being able to enter the movie at the request of the producer.

The funny bit is who the producer (Mark Mathis) missed. You'd think that if one were so averse to allowing any potential critic into one's movie, one would know all the major players to bar from one's film. You'd be wrong because, although the producer knew Meyers, he didn't know his friend, a friend who was able to enter and view the film. The friend? Richard Dawkins.

Yeah, good one guys. I bet your film is utter crap and I can't wait for its vivisection.

Wind power at Chelsea Proving Ground?

The first stage of the project will take place over the next year and a half at Chelsea with the construction of a 264ft tall test tower. ... This project will look at the viability of wind power at higher altitudes. If the data proves favorable, Chrysler will consider construction of wind turbines on the property while the county will look at adding more capacity in the surrounding area.

Sounds like a cool idea.


I'm A Drunkard... Apparently

Yeah, I took an online "test". What's it to yah? And, I was listening to The Pouges, yah fecker.


Arthur C Clarke Dead at 90

I wish I had a long remembrance of Mr. Clarke, but I don't. I've read much of his short stories, a couple novels, but, aside from 2001 and a collection of shorts (which included The Sentinel, the pre-cursor to 2001), I always found the person of Mr. Clarke more interesting than his writing. His

That's not to say I didn't enjoy his writing. In fact the opposite was often true. But his stories, while solid sci-fi, never reached me like the work of other writers (such as Isaac Asimov or Robert Forward).

He did make a wonderful spokesman for the hard core of science fiction and inspired many writers and scientists and will be conspicuously absent from the community. Best wishes and condolences to his family and friends.

Alan Richman is Still A Douche

And a blatantly transparent one as well.  Richman's latest "critique" is about Brasserie Les Halles, a midtown Manhattan restaurant famous mostly for its association with Anthony Bourdain.

Richman's review is, shall we say, petty, as he happily claims to bust a hostess lying to him and his companion and ripping on Bourdain who hasn't cooked in the restaurant in 8 years (save for one night for his show).  The remainder of the "review" is a self-indulgent trip into a thesaurus as Richman tries to upstage his own ego in an attempt to cloak his true purpose in going to Les Halles.

Guess Richman is a little bitter about winning the Douchbag award from Bourdain.  Classy of GQ's man, though, to take a shot at revenge by shredding the restaurant instead of responding to the criticism. Guess some critics really are just bitter douches.

GQ's Alan Richman Blog

There's a Surprise - Granholm calls for seating Democratic delegates

The governors of Michigan and Florida are saying it's increasingly important that delegates from the two states be seated.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Florida Governor Charlie Crist say it's "reprehensible" the voices of 5.2 million people who voted in the two primaries would be silenced.

They say it's "intolerable" that the Democratic National Committee has stripped the states of their delegates for moving up their primaries in violation of DNC rules. [emph mine]

No, Governors, what's reprehensible is both of you placing those delegates in jeopardy in the first place. Pretending the rules don't apply to you is intolerable. It's almost as if this was all a political gamble to pocket some delegates for your candidate.

The thing that chafes my butt about the entire drama is that this was done in flagrant violation of known rules. The DNC had told both states not to do what they went ahead and did anyway. And now, when it's dire for Hillary Clinton, now the delegates in Michigan will go to the only candidate who, by an amazing co-incidence, was the only Democrat on the ballot.

It all stinks and none of either states' delegates should be seated.

Governors of Michigan, Fla. call for seating Democratic delegates

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