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Daily Show - Clinton's Primary Message

How... inspiring?

Do You Read Too Many Blogs?

Since Alan salted the earth, burned his feed reader and I bloody hate Twitter, I'm making an actual post just for him. First and only time.

Do You Read Too Many Blogs?

'Expelled' is a piece of crap

How do I know? Because even the Grand Rapids Freaking Press panned, no, outright insulted the movie. This is a newspaper steeped in the Christian orthodoxy which the film touts and published in the heart of Christian Reformed bigotry and ID adherents. A sample:
The film frames scientists who oppose I.D. as hypocrites [...] thus making Michael Moore's similarly slanted documentary techniques look like objective journalism.


But "Expelled" is slick and slimy, and anyone wanting a proper response to the onslaught of leftist documentaries -- or harboring a similar viewpoint of man's origins -- likely will be put off by Stein's smug tone and his disigenuous [sic] suggestion that not just Darwinism, but science itself is a dangerous tool of evil minds.

'Expelled' fails to sell intelligent design -

How to Store Parsley, Cilantro, and Other Fresh Herbs

How much basil could I have saved with this tip?

How to Store Parsley, Cilantro, and Other Fresh Herbs | Simply Recipes

The Failure of LinkedIn - Quality

During a discussion over our first grilled meal of the year (brats), J-- and I got into a discussion about LinkedIn.I asked J--, as a recruiter, what was she looking for in a recommendation? As we talked through the ins and outs of a telephone conversation with a listed reference, it become readily apparent that a certain quality in a recommendation was needed to lend credibility. For instance, there was a base assumption that the person to whom she would be talking was hand-picked to deliver the best possible recommendation for a candidate; that's why the person made the candidate's recommendations list. But it took a very special level of interaction to raise that recommendation to a level where it could push a candidate over the top, and much of that interaction started in the initial interview with the candidate. On the Web, this scenario doesn't play out much. Take LinkedIn for example. If you are hiring someone and find their LinkedIn profile during a Web search on t…

Expelled Exposed

Since I talked about it before, and a CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE EVOLUTIONARY APPARATUS DIRECTIVEexists, I'd be remiss if I didn't point of that Expelled has a new counter-site aggregating the awful reviews and accounts for and about the movie.

Oh, and Overcompensating has good comic up today as well.

Adventures in False Advertising

I pulled down the new Adobe Media Player today, just to kick around something new. When you go to the homepage for the product, the teaser video still is of The Daily Show. If you play the video, clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report feature heavily. Being a big fan of both shows, I thought this would be a pretty cool way to have the shows ready to watch, since that's the promise of the Adobe Media Player ("Watch what you want, when you want").

But, when you actually try to use the Adobe Media Player, guess what isn't in the Comedy section, doesn't show up as a search result, in fact, isn't even listed as a network available from the player? You guessed it. Search for "Colbert": 3 TED videos. Search for "Daily Show": 2 podcasts. Search for "Comedy Central": No results.

Huh. Guess those were just the personnel videos of the media developer who made the ad.

As for general impressions; interface looks nice, the 2 videos (.mov …