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Ann Arboe Style Cheesecake

The Old World Bakery in AA has Ann Arbor-style cheesecakes. What, pray tell, are these things? As always, we check the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia:
Ann Arbor-style cheesecake Old World Bakery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, features a graham cracker crust which covers both the bottom and the 8 cm (3 inch) high side of the cheesecake. The lighter and creamier texture, which comes from a cream cheese and sour cream base, exhibits Ann Arbor's famous air of superiority. [cite]
Bwuhahahahha! That made my day. Thanks AAiOR and leighton for the laugh.

Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS?

How am I just now learning about this?
How Guitar Hero Works on the DS - video

This is why West Virginia Doesn't Matter

One rally and 5% of a state's registered votes turned out for it. 75,000 people came out to see Barak Obama at one event.

According to CNN, WV cast 337,045 votes in the Democratic primary spread between the two candidate. The rally attendees in Oregon represent 22.3% of cast votes in the WV primary. And Oregon has 52 delegates at stake, almost twice as many as West Virgina.

There's still a glimmer of hope that the ignorant won't decide this next election. Fingers crossed.

Kwame made The Daily Show

Yes, this whole situation has become so stupid, it's fodder for ridicule at a national level.

Link to segment if the embed doesn't work, for you feed readers.

The Guitar Hero Embeddable Widget

Web-based, embeddable Guitar Hero. That is all.