Mad Men

Mad Men, which just started its second season on AMC recently, is fantastic television. This is a show I wanted so much to dislike, but couldn't. The characters are awful people; the men ogle the women, the women demur and scheme, the office is a cesspool of lies, sex, and politics.

It's great television, in other words. You cheer as the cheating husband finds the solution to his problem, allowing millions of additional sales for a cigarette company. You sigh in defeat as the good secretary succumbs to the lying bachelor on his wedding weekend. And, most importantly, you can't wait to watch the next episode.

As I said, season 2 just got started, but I will try my hardest to wait until the DVDs come out. I'm 3 episodes away from the end of season 1 and I can't imagine having to wait a whole week to know what comes next.

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