For the sake of the state, Governor, remove Kilpatrick now

This farce has gone on long enough. The damage this mayor is doing goes beyond Detroit, affecting the reputation and stature of the entire state. Governor Granholm, remove the mayor now.
Mr. White, testified that he suffered a fractured hip after being shoved into his partner by Mr. Kilpatrick, who played football in college. Mr. White also said that Mr. Kilpatrick, who is black, had criticized his partner for working on the case and told her that as a black woman, “You shouldn’t even be riding in a car with a guy named White.”

Notice that this is in the New York Times. We're a laughing stock. The time has come to end this parade of arrogance.

Detroit Mayor Charged With Assaulting Officer -


  1. And yet Kwame's relatives get voted back in. Unbelieveable......

  2. In Detroit politics, nothing surprises me.


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