The Real Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

18 minutes you must watch. Whatever your political leanings, this examination of how the mind works is both fascinating and insightful, especially given the political climate we all find ourselves in.

Remember, every politician plays against the types of predilections Jonathan Haidt talks about here. It's not a partisan issue to know how you're being played.

Link to talk

And check out other TED talks; it's really cool to see what other people are thinking about. TED is also available as a free video podcast on iTunes; highly recommended.


  1. I have grave doublts about the validity of Haidt's research -- have you tried taking his test?

  2. I didn't take the test, but I read through the questions. You assume morality is more complex; he thinks it's not. You offer no alternate theory other than religious "love", while Haidt identifies concrete, measurable traits. The difference is he's using science to prove it, you're quoting priests and banging the dull cymbal of Christian love = morality.

    Since this study was approved by an IRB (and it was, because his informed consent says so), it was thoroughly reviewed for content and method. If you doubt either, contact the IRB chair. Personally, I see nothing wrong with his method or data, but I'm also not a psychologist. I am, however, well versed in "Christian love" and that argument will get no traction here.


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