Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Inspired by the Turbaconducken, my first attempt at a bacon-wrapped turkey.

Bacon-wrapped turky, ready to bake

Ready to bake

Bacon-wrapped turkey out of the oven

The cooked bird

Bacon-wrapped turkey, hero shot number two

Another hero shot

Lessons learned: thicker bacon, lower temp (baked this at 325), better covering of the bird to preserve moisture (or add liquid to oven). Overall, not a bad first attempt; even J-- liked it (or so she says).


  1. ohhh that looks so good. Will have to try that with the turkey work just gave me.

  2. That's where this bird came from (well, J--'s work; although the humor factor in the U giving out 60,000 turkeys seems high). Spend the money on good, thick bacon.. the stuff I used was way to thin and didn't survive the long baking very well.

    It was pretty good though. How could it now be? Bacon!

  3. How thick of bacon did you use? We are in the process of getting eveything to cook one up in the next bit. I will have the mother in law custom cut bacon at the meat locker when she is at work sometime soon.

  4. I bought standard thickness (I wanna say Oscar Meyer, but could have been Thornapple or something like that). Since you have access to a slicer, I'd go pretty thick, almost side pork thickness. It cooks down a lot; the standard thickness stuff was paper-thin when our turkey was done.


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