GM CEO Drives a Chevy Volt to Washington...Sort Of

*Facepalm* Apparently, they didn't learn nearly as much as they could have last time.
The fact that Wagoner didn't drive one from Detroit, but apparently had it shipped to Washington in order to drive the last few miles, may be an indication that the Volt program has a long was to go to keep its promises. [emphasis mine]

I understand it can't make the trip, but isn't that sort of the point as to why the US auto makers can't compete? Seriously, GM (and Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler), how many times can you miss the point?

GM CEO Drives a Chevy Volt to Washington...Sort Of - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews.


  1. The Volt does have a ways to go, but based on what I have been reading over at it looks like there is some promise in the idea that the engine and underlying technology can be applied to a variety of chassis.

    Once they get it perfected that is :)

  2. I was wondering this when i saw him get out of the vehical on the passenger side. These guys just do not realize real life.


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