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Pretty much

Inspired by a completely idiotic bit of fear mongering on the local "news" tonight.

Still not scared? Alrighty then.

Thanks reddit.

Limitless Levels of Unused Potential

“Joy comes from using your potential.” - Will Schultz

I'm part of the generation that grew up both in awe of and, more and more, subservient to computers. Thirty-somethings have never known a world without computers, although not all of us had them in the home until our teens. But they've always been an impact on society, business, and education in our lives. They are not mysterious machines that beep for unknown reasons (well, ok, sometimes the reasons are unknown). They are not, as some family members label them, necessary evils. Computers have always, to us, been tools--hammers in an era of data and the need to manipulate that data.

We bathe in technology now on a daily basis, the likes of which would have blown our minds as children; the phone on my hip has more computing power than all the TRS-80s in the computer lab where I first entered "10 PRINT "55378008" / 20 GOTO 10 / RUN" and then snickered on my way to lunch. The Web, for all its erudite uses, is…

Infinity Ward castrates Modern Warfare 2

As Ars Technica says: "You have to wonder if there are any actual PC gamers working at Infinity Ward".

When MW2 was first announced I have to admit I was salivating. Infinity Ward has made some of my favorite FPS games. So the sequel to Modern Warfare had me getting all ready for a couple of months not playing World of Warcraft to frag some n00bs (or, be fragged, as the case may be).

Then, IW dropped the bomb that they wouldn't be allowing hosted servers. They were moving to a centralized system where their own servers choose a users machine to host the game and others playing there, sort of like consoles. That was bad. The great thing about CoD games was that clans would build great communities around their servers. If you found a great server, you could keep going there. Clans would build maps, fix physics, add weapons; you know, enhancing an already great game.

This is an important point in that the hosted server community was a huge reason the Call of Duty games were so…

iChat with Google Talk

After beating my head against a wall for the better part of an hour (I'm on vacation, I had the time to kill), I was completely unable to get iChat to connect to GTalk via the Jabber configuration that used to work prior to my Snow Leoapard install.

After searching around (on Google's site), I resorted to trolling the Google Talk support forums and stumbled on the solution; you have to use a Captcha unlock to allow the signin to work. Why, I have no idea, but thank you to the person who posted this link on the Google forums.

If you are trying to sign into iChat and constantly get the "Login information is incorrect" message, go here: I have no idea why you have to do this or what else becomes unlocked through this, but it allowed me to finally log in with iChat 5 on Snow Leopard.

links for 2009-10-03

yWriter5 - Free novel writing software to help you write a book
For me or possibly others I know
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Dailymotion - 1958 Chuck Berry - Johnny Be Good - une vidéo Expression Libre
Chuck Berry being his awesome self. You cannot walk like that whilst playing a guitar. Suck it Back to the Future.
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The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist on Vimeo
Entanglement is a really, really odd and important problem for physics. Can't wait to see if we figure it out.
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I knew they were bad, but THAT bad?

I had no idea the Lions were on that bad of a streak.

Today's win broke a record-tying loss streak (19 games), their first win since--hold onto your hat--Dec. 23, 2007.

Just... wow. I think it might be time for the Ford family to sell.

Oh well, some good news considering U of M won. Yeah, I work there, what's it to yah?

Lions end losing streak with win over Redskins |


Fantastic Sand Animation

I'd never heard of sand animation, but I can't imagine it gets much better than this from Ukraine's Got Talent. I feel I'm missing much of what makes it moving with my lack of history for the Ukraine, but the art is just awesome.

links for 2009-09-19

Why We Need to Talk About Obama and Racism | Newsweek Newsweek - Raina Kelley |
"Let me say this clearly so there are no misunderstandings: some of the protests against President Obama are howls of rage at the fact that we have an African-American head of state."
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13" MacBook and MB Air Laptop Skins | GelaSkins

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links for 2009-09-15

Rumor Detectives: True Story or Online Hoax? | Cracking Cases | Reader's Digest
And since FactCheck is probably also labeled as some socialist enclave, here's a story about Snopes from a source every doting mother can trust, Reader's Digest.
(tags: snopesinternetresearch) |
The wingers are after now because Snopes dares to claim Obama is natural born. Bookmarking this for future refutation of various West side acquaintances who will send me the stupid email cited on FactCheck.
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For your consideration

Posting this without comment.

links for 2009-09-05

BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary
NSFW language
(tags: politics)

Many West Michigan school districts decide not to show live feed of President Obama's speech to students -
Never in my life have I been so ashamed to be from one of these towns. I'm sure they'll give me plenty of reason to be ashamed in the future, at this rate.
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I Must Be a Feminist

How Healthcare Reform Would Actually Work

That is all.

The Fair Is In Town

The Chelsea Community Fair begins today (kinda). The Chelsea Blog has all the details and links you could want.

Also, nice redo on the website, Chelsea Fair. From The Chelsea Blog:
Schedule Highlights

The fair takes place from 10am until 10pm Tuesday 8/19 through Saturday 8/23. See the website for full schedule.

* Rides open Tuesday at 5pm

* Children's Parade and Tricycle Pull - Tuesday 5:30pm

* Animal exhibits - every day

* Nature's Creation of Life tent - every day

* Demolition Derby - Tuesday and Wednesday night

* Figure 8 Derby - Thursday night

* Chainsaw Carving - several shows daily

* Horse Shows - various times each day

* Colors the Clown - Tues 5-8pm, Wed through Sat 3-7pm

* Ladies Day - begins Friday at 8am

* Tractor Pull - Saturday night

* Chelsea Fair Parade - Saturday 1pm
$7 daily or $25 for the week.

via The Chelsea Blog: Chelsea Community Officially Fair Starts Today!.

links for 2009-08-24

AKMuckraker: The Truth About Nazis
"I am tired of people comparing Obama to Hitler. I am tired of seeing signs with swastikas and Nazi symbols at health care rallies. I am tired of people saying that a health care plan intended to uplift millions of Americans to give them dignity, and choice and the ability to care for their families, is like Naziism."

There are too many people in Michigan who need to comprehend (not just read) what this article says. I doubt they will, but here is it, just in case they stumble by.
(tags: healthcarenazisGOPteabaggers)

The Only Response The Right Wing Deserves

If only more politicians would tell these idiots off. The thought process that leads anyone to equate any President with Hitler surely is a process which only bolsters the need for more coverage in this country. Obviously, we are not servicing the mental health needs of our fellow citizens.

The Ann Arbor Bias - Zingerman's

Ever since one summer as a college student in Paris, sipping cappuccino on the Champs Elysees, I’ve been looking for that same type of European, al fresco atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. But so often, outdoor dining means you’re just steps from a busy street, inhaling car exhaust.
What's the best place to capture that feeling in Ann Arobr? Zingerman's Roadhouse, of course. You know, the one at the corner of Jackson and Stadium, less than 300 yards from I-94. So what makes it one of the best outdoor dining establishments (aside from the food)?
...wobbly tables and hard, rather uncomfortable seats...

...the descent of tiny bugs on our remaining food at the end of the meal...

...noise can be a problem outside. When crowded, it is virtually impossible to hear your fellow diners amid the din.
I think there should have been some standards set forth before reviewing restaurants where you'd dine al fresco.

Don't get me wrong, we drop a C-note at that place on…

links for 2009-07-30

Hunting season on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Illustration created for Uberbooks's Designers´ Games ReMiX book based on my favorite game from the 80s "Super Mario Bros" and inspired by Capcom latest game " Monster hunter".
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35 clues that you listen to Sean Hannity - Impolite Conversation
4) you believe in the constitution...
but think the only part worth defending is the second amendment, and so long as you have a permit and do it a "free speech zone"

5) you believe in "freedom" ...
but won't hesitate to stoke a mob mentality and use tyranny of the majority in the name of "protecting families"

6) you believe in "states rights"...
but go running to the feds demanding marriage laws when more enlightened states decide to recognize gay marriage.
(tags: politics)

links for 2009-07-20

VLC 1.0 Records Video from DVDs - DVD - Lifehacker
just use the View -> Advanced Controls menu item, and then you can record videos by hitting the record button to start saving the video, and then pressing it again when you are done. You'll find the segment of the video in your Documents folder, saved in MPG format.
(tags: vlcvideorippingtips)

Windows Games Seamlessly Integrated on Mac or Linux - CrossOver Games - CodeWeavers

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Well, that's pretty precise

There's a lot going on in this picture

Damnedable Godless Swine Flu, now it's making people forget basic geography.

Sound Advice

Responding to the National Organization for Marriage

While this feels like feeding the trolls, here we go...The National Organization for Marriage, in case you've been living under a rock, recently started their campaign to "defend" marriage. As with many cultural issues, this one is another case study in logical fallacies, a complete misunderstand of one's own belief system, and reasoning so flawed it would be hilarious if they weren't dead serious. This video (I refuse to embed it) is making the rounds, with the kind of fearmongering usually reserved for Those People. With a host of actors, NOM insinuates all kinds of tragedy and falsehoods about what "gay marriage" would cause. My favorite is the argument that, because a same-sex couple may be married, a doctor somehow has to make some awful choice between faith and profession. Here's a quick reference line for later, doc (who's not actually a doctor, BTW): If you have a hard time choosing between what's right medically or morally and what&…

Going Galt...

Or to put all that more succinctly: "There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs."
Yep, that's about right.

via titled: some amusing blog pun.

Jeff Zucker is an Idiot

"Just because someone who mocks authority says something doesn't make it so," Zucker said, describing the comedian's comments as "completely out of line."
Listen, I get it, you want to defend your network. But don't go after Stewart. It's not that he can't take it or is above criticism, but this is not the fight you want to pick.

Face it: CNBC completely missed the point about what business news is supposed to be about. You don't pump stocks, you analyze the market. Jim Cramer is not to blame. You are to blame, Mr. Zucker. You're the one who shaped the strategic vision of a network who can't spell "journalism", much less execute it.

I look forward to watching you and your network continue to be lambasted and embarrassed on Comedy Central, because you just hung a huge target out there for Stewart and Co. to take shots at.

Jeff Zucker - Yahoo! TV.

Jeff Daniels Profiled in

You had to read that title twice, didn't you? Anyway, Mr. Daniels is the hometown boy who made it big and, by all accounts, is a pretty nice guy, too. I always find it interesting to read about him, mostly because of the "yeah, he's from my town" factor I think, but also because I enjoy his work (and he's from my town). Check out the profile on Playbill. Oh, and Jeff, if you ever want to play euchre, him me up; we'll head down to Sietz's and scare up a game.

The coming evangelical collapse OR why they still don't get it

Michael Spencer over at the Christian Science Monitor has this article today about the imminent collapse of the evangelical church in America. He claims that "Within two generations, evangelicalism will be a house deserted of half its occupants" which sounds about right. Christianity has likely peaked in this country, due in no small part to the evangelical, or worse, the fundamentalist elements within.

Depending on how you define "evangelical", I was raised in such a church (Dutch Reformed, as a matter of record). So, the assertion that this flavor of church is turning stale raised an eyebrow. I have to say, after reading his article, I think Spencer is onto something.

Why is this disaster about to befall the church? Spencer's reasons, with my comments following:
1. Evangelicals have identified their movement with the culture war and with political conservatism. This will prove to be a very costly mistake.
Bingo. I can't even begin to highlight this enough. Th…

Something's Rotten at Chelsea Library

For the fourth time in a little more than three years, the Chelsea District Library is looking for a new director.
That's the lead line to this story in the Ann Arbor News. For a small-town library, that's an extraordinary track record of failure in the retention department, especially one with such incredible programs and facilities. Certainly it can't be the pay (although I'm trying to dig up some salary info). And being in Chelsea, while not terribly big,  must have some prestige; CDL was named Best Small Library in the country last year.

So, what's story at McKune? Or, more likely, what's the store at the board meetings? Are the rumors true? How does one go about effecting change on a Library Board?