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There's a lot going on in this picture

Damnedable Godless Swine Flu, now it's making people forget basic geography.

Sound Advice

Responding to the National Organization for Marriage

While this feels like feeding the trolls, here we go...The National Organization for Marriage, in case you've been living under a rock, recently started their campaign to "defend" marriage. As with many cultural issues, this one is another case study in logical fallacies, a complete misunderstand of one's own belief system, and reasoning so flawed it would be hilarious if they weren't dead serious. This video (I refuse to embed it) is making the rounds, with the kind of fearmongering usually reserved for Those People. With a host of actors, NOM insinuates all kinds of tragedy and falsehoods about what "gay marriage" would cause. My favorite is the argument that, because a same-sex couple may be married, a doctor somehow has to make some awful choice between faith and profession. Here's a quick reference line for later, doc (who's not actually a doctor, BTW): If you have a hard time choosing between what's right medically or morally and what&…