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I knew they were bad, but THAT bad?

I had no idea the Lions were on that bad of a streak.

Today's win broke a record-tying loss streak (19 games), their first win since--hold onto your hat--Dec. 23, 2007.

Just... wow. I think it might be time for the Ford family to sell.

Oh well, some good news considering U of M won. Yeah, I work there, what's it to yah?

Lions end losing streak with win over Redskins |



Fantastic Sand Animation

I'd never heard of sand animation, but I can't imagine it gets much better than this from Ukraine's Got Talent. I feel I'm missing much of what makes it moving with my lack of history for the Ukraine, but the art is just awesome.

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Why We Need to Talk About Obama and Racism | Newsweek Newsweek - Raina Kelley |
"Let me say this clearly so there are no misunderstandings: some of the protests against President Obama are howls of rage at the fact that we have an African-American head of state."
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13" MacBook and MB Air Laptop Skins | GelaSkins

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Rumor Detectives: True Story or Online Hoax? | Cracking Cases | Reader's Digest
And since FactCheck is probably also labeled as some socialist enclave, here's a story about Snopes from a source every doting mother can trust, Reader's Digest.
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The wingers are after now because Snopes dares to claim Obama is natural born. Bookmarking this for future refutation of various West side acquaintances who will send me the stupid email cited on FactCheck.
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Make a Kegerator - Wired How-To Wiki
For future reference (next house)
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For your consideration

Posting this without comment.

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BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary
NSFW language
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Many West Michigan school districts decide not to show live feed of President Obama's speech to students -
Never in my life have I been so ashamed to be from one of these towns. I'm sure they'll give me plenty of reason to be ashamed in the future, at this rate.
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