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Cool Tools: Twin Draft Stopper
Could use a couple of these
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Vancouver, Detroit, and Bears - Eugene Mirman

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NPR: Don't Gimme Five!
FFS, can we stop with this insanity?
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Leave Me (3 minute contest winning version) on Vimeo
I think I have something in my eye.
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Star Wars Is Getting Remade
This will be crushed by more lawyers than the Empire had stormtroopers. Cool idea though.
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iChat with Google Talk

After beating my head against a wall for the better part of an hour (I'm on vacation, I had the time to kill), I was completely unable to get iChat to connect to GTalk via the Jabber configuration that used to work prior to my Snow Leoapard install.

After searching around (on Google's site), I resorted to trolling the Google Talk support forums and stumbled on the solution; you have to use a Captcha unlock to allow the signin to work. Why, I have no idea, but thank you to the person who posted this link on the Google forums.

If you are trying to sign into iChat and constantly get the "Login information is incorrect" message, go here: I have no idea why you have to do this or what else becomes unlocked through this, but it allowed me to finally log in with iChat 5 on Snow Leopard.

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yWriter5 - Free novel writing software to help you write a book
For me or possibly others I know
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Dailymotion - 1958 Chuck Berry - Johnny Be Good - une vidéo Expression Libre
Chuck Berry being his awesome self. You cannot walk like that whilst playing a guitar. Suck it Back to the Future.
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The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist on Vimeo
Entanglement is a really, really odd and important problem for physics. Can't wait to see if we figure it out.
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