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FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Constitutional Chicanery
" Strict constitutionalist" usually needs to be followed by "on this issue". Most "strict constitutionalists" I know are all for inserting unconstitutional BS into law, as long as it furthers their cause.
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Yeah, the sparkles make you pretty easy hunting.
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Using NIH Ext-UAT environment for testing - Adobe Forms B
List of AT07 opportunities for testing S2S
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Things to Buy: Nirvana Live at Reading

Widely considered one of the best live concert recordings, Nirvana - Live at Reading is now available on CD, DVD, and MP3s. Highly recommended. Lala has it for $8.50.

I've been jamming on this all afternoon. One trip through the album and I bought it. God, they were good.

Breed - Nirvana

Infinity Ward castrates Modern Warfare 2

As Ars Technica says: "You have to wonder if there are any actual PC gamers working at Infinity Ward".

When MW2 was first announced I have to admit I was salivating. Infinity Ward has made some of my favorite FPS games. So the sequel to Modern Warfare had me getting all ready for a couple of months not playing World of Warcraft to frag some n00bs (or, be fragged, as the case may be).

Then, IW dropped the bomb that they wouldn't be allowing hosted servers. They were moving to a centralized system where their own servers choose a users machine to host the game and others playing there, sort of like consoles. That was bad. The great thing about CoD games was that clans would build great communities around their servers. If you found a great server, you could keep going there. Clans would build maps, fix physics, add weapons; you know, enhancing an already great game.

This is an important point in that the hosted server community was a huge reason the Call of Duty games were so…

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