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Pretty much

Inspired by a completely idiotic bit of fear mongering on the local "news" tonight.

Still not scared? Alrighty then.

Thanks reddit.

The Known Universe

I don't remember where I first saw this, but this is an amazing video in the spirit of the Powers of Ten film frequently shown in science classes.

Here's the Powers of Ten video.

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Limitless Levels of Unused Potential

“Joy comes from using your potential.” - Will Schultz

I'm part of the generation that grew up both in awe of and, more and more, subservient to computers. Thirty-somethings have never known a world without computers, although not all of us had them in the home until our teens. But they've always been an impact on society, business, and education in our lives. They are not mysterious machines that beep for unknown reasons (well, ok, sometimes the reasons are unknown). They are not, as some family members label them, necessary evils. Computers have always, to us, been tools--hammers in an era of data and the need to manipulate that data.

We bathe in technology now on a daily basis, the likes of which would have blown our minds as children; the phone on my hip has more computing power than all the TRS-80s in the computer lab where I first entered "10 PRINT "55378008" / 20 GOTO 10 / RUN" and then snickered on my way to lunch. The Web, for all its erudite uses, is…

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