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Dynomighty Design : Products - Mighty Wallets
These look cool (like bow ties! Bow ties are cool.)
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The only WoW Killer is RealID

Yes, the headline is overdramatic (what WoW-related post couldn't be), but it's also the biggest thing to hit gaming in a many a year.

For those not following gaming news or who doesn't play World of Warcraft, Activision Blizzard announced over the weekend that they would not only expand RealID to their forums for Starcraft and World of Warcraft, but that it would be mandatory that posters to the forums to use their real-life first and last name. Old posts would not be retcon'd, but any new reply or new post would have the person's real name attached to it.

This move is, rightly so, garnering some attention. A laundry list of reasons to oppose this have crept up, from examples of real-life stalking from game activity, to the potential to out closeted gay gamers, to identity theft, to potential employers searching on your name and finding your forum posts.

Posting on the forums is, as Blizzard points out, completely optional. Your real name doesn't show up in-game …