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Twitter has pushed me too far

Inspired by Matt Haughey's stand against Twitter, I re-logged into Mastodon on all my devices and shelved my Twitter access. I haven't gone to quite the extreme that Matt did by nuking my Twitter presence, but I'm consciously choosing to not engage there for the time being.

I've felt some of the same things Matt talks about in his post, although not nearly to the extremes that he experienced. And that's from two white dudes; the constant stories of harassment, hate speech, and outright calls for violence that women, minorities, and marginal groups experience on a daily basis is unfathomable to me.

Twitter is a cesspool. Logging on is an exercise in sifting through a torrent of the worst of humanity in order to find a single, shiny moment of joy from a friend or awesome person somewhere in the world. Those moments are not just fewer and further apart, they are dulled by their being adjacent to an environment so toxic, it's hard to comprehend.

Twitter has chosen …